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Employ registered Nurses, Certified Coders, Certified Medical Audit Specialists, Certified Clinical Financial Auditors

Chart Audit Experts

MRS has been partnering with hospitals and providers for over 35 years to ensure the accuracy of charging and documentation.  Contact us now to see how we can help you achieve your goals. It is our belief that performing routine internal audits of your billing and coding practices are essential for continuous revenue improvement and to ensure compliance with CMS and other regulatory bodies.

Our rates are competitive and transparent. We are here to meet your needs, you are in control of the number of charts/claims audited, the subject matter, timeline etc. Our results and recommendations will be provided in a concise way making it easy to implement solutions.


High Quality Services

Our success depends on your success

That is why Medical Review Service designs comprehensive audit programs that are as unique as our clients. Our services include Concurrent Chart Audit Programs, Insurance Defense Audits, Patient Request Audits, Pre-Billing Audits, Focus Audits, Compliance Reviews, and special projects.


Why Choose Us?

Experienced nurse auditors

Why Choose Us

Are you sure your documentation accurately supports your charges?

Are you charging for everything you’re doing?

If you can’t definitively answer Yes to both of those questions, we are here to help.


The Medical Audit Experts