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Chart Audit Program

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Chart Audit Program

Designed specifically to meet the needs of your facility
Helps improve revenue integrity by focusing on charging and documentation processes
       - Ensure you aren’t missing revenue
       - Make sure you are following applicable billing rules to maintain compliance
Creates a dialogue between clinicians, finance, and compliance

Usually performed on a regular basis (i.e., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually) the concurrent audit program takes an overall look at the current charging and documentation practices of your facility by auditing recently discharged accounts.  Our audit staff will take a comprehensive approach to make sure all orders, documentation, and charges match up.  Also, while doing so, will review your CDM/CPT usage to make sure the charges show up appropriately.

Charge discrepancies are reported back to the facility and meetings and education takes place with department directors, charging staff, clinicians as well as upper-level facility personnel.  The focus of meetings and education is root-cause analysis and process change.