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Charge Capture

Certain areas of a facility have difficulty capturing all of their charges
Take charging out of the hands of your clinical staff
Get it right the first time

So many areas of a facility still have to charge manually.  How good is the clinical staff at capturing the correct charges for complicated procedures?  Medical Review Service has a team of experts ready to help. 

Areas of particular difficulty include:

   • Drug Administration charges in both ER and Outpatient Settings including Observation
   • Surgery Charges
   Labor and Delivery

All of these areas still heavily rely on manual charging processes that get forced on to the clinicians and/or clerical staff and lead to lost charges and revenue, or even worse, opens the facility up to compliance risks.

Alleviate all of that by engaging Medical Review Service to handle that charging for you.  We have the staff to take these on for a temporary period of time or on a full-time basis.